Help combat the dramatic fall in hedgehog numbers

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We also feature a range of accessories to help you care for a hedgehog including water, snack adn feeding bowls, hedgehog food mix, bedding and books providing information about these little creatures and how to look after one in your garden.

Hedgehog houses, like those for sale here, are available in various sizes, design styles and materials including terracotta clay, wicker, wire-framed and metal - but the most common material for them is wood. 

Wooden houses look very natural and rustic so they merge in well with the outdoor environment. Popular choices of wood for these quaint little dwellings including beech, oak, teak, cedar, fir and pine. They should always be positioned in your garden in a secluded location, away from the prevailing wind.

Leaves and brushwood can be piled on top of your hedgehog house to provide extra cover and make the home more appealing to potential occupants.

Many animal lovers like to encourage wildlife into their garden and families often set up bird houses and bird feeding stations. But adding a hedgehog house to your garden is an excellent idea which really appeals to kids and develops their bond with nature and wildlife. 

Hedgehogs are extremely popular animals, yet their numbers are in the decline. One of the big reasons for this is habitat loss. They often have nowhere to go, and shelter is especially important in the harsher months when hedgehogs go into a period of hibernation. 

A hedgehog house is pefrect to entice hedgehogs into your garden and give them a suitable home during the hard winter months. 

Hedgehog houses are very safe and are made from non-toxic materials. Their design means predators like foxes or dogs canít get into the house, so the hedgehog is always protected. There are various types of hedgehog houses including wooden, steel-framed and wicker houses. 

Most are waterproof and provide the ideal feeding station and nesting box, as well as a warm and cozy place to live during the winter hibernation period and the rest of the year. You can also purchase specialist hedgehog food which will help entice one into your garden. 

If you can attract a hedgehog to live in a little wooden house, it's almost like having your own outdoor pet so be sure you have all the basic requirements for hedgehogs - namely hedgehog food, a dish of water, shelter and adequate bedding material for the house.

There are many benefits from having a hedgehog roaming in your garden, apart from the obvious appeal of being able to watch a delightful little creature living close by - among other things they will eat any slugs and snails in the area, allowing your flowers and plants to grow without being hampered by the slimy pests.

Many of these hedgehog homes have a handy entrance tunnel which allows access to a hedgehog but is too small to allow intruders such as foxes, cats, dogs or badgers to enter the house. 

A roofing felt or other waterproof covering is commonplace on many hedgehog houses to ensure full protection from rain, hail and snow. This roof will often be removable or have come with hinges so it can be lifted back to allow you to inspect the inside of the house to add fresh bedding or check on a sick on injured hedgehog. 

A vent pipe is an essential requirement as it will enable air to circulate freely inside the dwelling - it is wise to attach a ball of wire or something similar to the inner end of the pipe to keep it free from any bedding other material that could cause a blockage inside the house. The outer end of the pipe or hose should also be tilted downwards to ensure no rain enters it and flows into the house. 

Children love observing a hedgehog in their garden but they should never be tempted to bring it into the house - just leave it alone to come and go freely in your garden. Hedgehogs are truly lovely little creatures. They may be a little shy at first, but they will soon get to know you and identify your scent. 

Itís great for young boys and girls to watch a hedgehog in their garden. This helps develop their love and respect for nature and animals. Young children can easily prick their finger on the hedgehog's sharp spikes so they must be supervised at all times when near one. 

Some people like to make log piles in the corners of their gardens where insects will hide and attract hedgehogs into to the area. Where there's an abundance of insects, there are likely to be hedgehogs! Having a gap in fences, walls or hedges adjoining your garden allows hedgehogs to move around freely or wall where hedgehogs can get into your garden. 

It's possible to make your hedgehog house but if your woodworking skills are limited it's wiser to buy one which has already been built professionally to a high standard of workmanship. 

A cheap hedgehog house will cost around £20 to £30 but you can expect to pay more for a top quality product with a camera kit built into the house to allow you to view the behaviour of hedgehogs.

You should never place these little houses in direct sunlight and they must always be kept out of reach of very young children and pets. 

Bedding material used in a home should be non-toxic, absorbent and not contain dust. Wood shavings make good beddings, as do dried leaves from the garden. 

Bedding should be several inches deep although some people prefer to leave bedding outside the house as there is a concensus of opinion that it is more natural to allow a hedgehog the introduce bedding to the house itself. 

Hedgehogs are very shy and timid creatures fo it is crucial to provide a home which lets them feel completely safe and secure.

These little creatures are insectivorous so they like to feed on insects but their diet can  be supplemented with fruit, wax worms, meal worms and vegetables. They have an excellent sense of smell but very poor eyesight. 

Hedgehogs travel very long distances every day looking for food and as a result they are often killed on the road by cars or predatory animals. 

There are no laws in Europe against owning or breeding hedgehogs but you must buy one from a reputable breeder and not just take one from the wild. 

African pygmy hedgehog have become a popular choice of pet in the UK. In some countries, it is strictly against the law to keep hedgehogs as pets. 

Who wouldnít want to purchase something that will not only help save a species, but also attract one of the friendliest animals into your own garden? 

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